The Art of Presenting Virtually

 Programme summary 

Creating Structure, Story and Skills for Virtual Presenting

Presenting effectively online is no longer an optional skill. In order to convince your stakeholders, drive results and advance your career, it is essential to be able to successfully engage your virtual audience.

This fast-past workshop will cover the skills needed to capture your listeners and present your content in a way which is authentic, meaningful and dynamic.


This program is ideal if you are a leader or senior leader, high potential or a key project team member. You will improve your ability to influence others regardless of your positional power and project greater confidence when speaking in a virtual environment.

 Learning outcomes 

  • Identify & practice effective voice and gestures for online delivery
  • Incorporate adjustments in physical environment for ideal online delivery
  • Discover why & how of effective storytelling, practice 1 story-generating exercise
  • Learn and apply a user-friendly presentation structure
  • Participate in individual, paired, small and large group exercises, practice and reflection


  • Duration: 1 day (F2F), 2 half-days (Remote)
  • Languages: EN