When it's time for change

Together let's think, design and implement globally for the colocated and virtual world

We live in unprecedented times where complexity, uncertainty and speed of change are continually increasing. Companies need to become more and more agile to be able to respond and adapt quickly. It takes a mindset shift and a will to do business differently.
We work together with companies who have the desire to become more agile and whose leaders wants to make that transition. Together we create and design cultural and leadership development programs based on the highest academic standards and we help you roll them out globally. We have the know-how, experience and team to support your evolution on a large scale.

Customizable modules

How we work

After in-depth meetings to understand your needs and specific context, we will put together a team of Culture and Leadership Development experts that best suit the project. Together with your team, we will co-design programs that will exceed your expectations.



Programs are personalized and co-developed with you.


Interventions are based on your concrete business context and framework.


Many of our executive facilitators work with world renown business schools.


Highest learning and academic standards following latest research.


Global pool of executive facilitators to simultaneously roll out programs worldwide.

Case study 1


With a new CEO, the end of a patent and a drastic increase in competition, one of our clients needed to review the way they conducted business and bring a shift in their culture.

The request

They asked us to help them train change agents around the world on how to facilitate change in their teams.

The Program

We co-designed, co-organized and co-facilitated a series of workshops for about 30 managers. We then implemented follow-up sessions in individual coaching with our team of executive coaches.

We used a psychometric tool to assess change willingness, help accepting and support change initiatives faster. We supported managers as they moved their teams towards the next phase in the change process.

Our Added Value

With executive coaches and facilitators based around the world, we were able to smoothly implement the program in various languages and simultaneously in several locations.

Case study 2


The training of 1500 managers in various locations for a large global company was not going as planned.

The request

Developing Talent was asked to review the design of the program and the work processes.

The Program

We co-designed and co-organized workshops in New York City, Lausanne and Singapore for all the executives involved. We shifted the program to help them rethink their business practices around concrete problematics and within their framework.

We used 360° assessments, a psychometric tool and individual executive coaching to support the program.

Our Added Value

Our added value was our experience in co-designing global leadership development programs and making them context-based, practical and smooth to roll-out.

Case study 3


In order to grow business, our client wanted to promote initiatives of young talents worldwide.

The request

Developing Talent was hired to train 20 young talents from various countries around the world to become the next generation of leaders able to boost innovation at their local level.

The Program

We co-designed and facilitated a series of workshops on team work, leadership and project management. The initiative was kicked off with a launch workshop for the young talents to meet and exchange ideas. The whole program, which ran for 5 consecutive years, was supported by face-to-face and remote coaching.

Our Added Value

Our added value was our ability to design performant workshops and to follow-up with the same level of executive coaching around the world.

Case study 4


In a country with a transition government, a new minister wished to boost leadership by introducing 300 collaborators to executive leadership practices.

The request

Developing Talent was hired to co-organize an introduction workshop for 300 employees who had never before had such an experience and get them acquainted with leadership practices.

The Program

We co-designed and facilitated a 2-day workshop on executive leadership for 300 people.

Our Added Value

Our added value was our experience in co-designing large-scale leadership development workshops.

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