It has been our strategy to develop a culture of coaching in SITA for a few years. The problem we had was that coaching was happening in different parts of the organization without any co-ordination or measurement of the cost/benefit. We worked with Developing Talent to define the approach that was suitable for our geographical dispersion and needs. Today if we need a coach in India or Brazil, Developing Talent will source the best coaches according to their selective standards and we are in a position to kick of a coaching experience in a matter of a few weeks. This partnership is invaluable for us and we would not have been able to do as much without Development Talent services.
Xila Bogado
Senior Director Talent & Organization Capability , SITA

Our private bank has been working with DevelopingTalent for many years as our preferred executive coaching provider. We are always impressed by the quality of their coaches, who are very experienced, extremely professional and have the right set of skills for our specific request. The have immediate credibility with our leaders. DevelopingTalent is always able to find the best match for our coachees, and we have complete trust in their capacity to serve us in our best interest. I appreciate their very strong follow-up, and above all the quality of our relationship with them – they truly understand what partnership means. They make the life of our L&D team much easier.
Group Director Talent & Diversity, Private bank

My company is working with Developing Talents since 2013. We are mainly collaborating with them for executive coaching interventions, from middle management to senior executives. We have built a positive and trust relationship with Jean-Stéphane and his team of coaches. They are supportive, professional and experimented, approachable and flexible. I appreciate that they all take the time to understand our business context and challenges as well as company culture and tailor-make their approach to the clients’ needs. We constantly receive a positive feedback from our internal customers and can observe the impact of the coaching.
Learning & Development Management Lead Manager, MNC

We have a long-standing working relationship with Developing Talent, including a number of initiatives to develop our leaders. DevelopingTalent was our main partner in designing the leadership development stream of this program. I especially appreciate that our needs and priorities are always at the center of our collaboration and that their team will go out of their way to make sure we get maximum value for our investment.
Ed Marsh
Global Head of Human Resources, Nestlé Professional




Improve my emotional intelligence and my ability to “take distance” from the daily issues and frustrations: think more with my brain and less with my guts, especially in the most stressful situations.
Executive from Nexans

I have done coaching before and this one has been much more powerful thanks to the careful selection of the coach. The fit was strong and the result even stronger.
Executive from SITA

My coach has helped me to know myself better, and to think in a critical way about my own strengths and weaknesses and reflect on who I want to be at work.
Executive from Nespresso

The coaching has been a powerful tool as an eye opener.
Executive from Cargill

Coaching helped me to pursue my continuous personal development within a clear framework. With the help of the coach it was easier to identify the areas to improve in, take action for each and measure the progress. Coaching is a life-changing experience.
Executive from SITA

After having experienced this coaching journey, I would recommend anyone stepping into a new job, or simply genuinely willing to improve himself/herself as individual and professional leader, to embrace with confidence – regardless of perceived challenges. It is a unique opportunity to learn and grow, which should be anyone’s ultimate goal in life.
Executive from Purina

Very helpful for more challenging discussions with key stakeholders (project issues/problem-solving).
Executive from Nespresso 

I was stuck in my career path in a multinational company. My coach helped me take stock of my situation, assess my skills and potential and more importantly gave me the confidence to challenge my management. Not only was the journey interesting and successful (I was promoted during the coaching program), it was a very inspiring  discovery of the scope of possibilities.
Executive from Cargill

I am very grateful for the opportunity to get this coaching course which helped me to better position myself while publicly speaking.
Executive from Merck

Recently I had to deliver a difficult message to a member of my team – I relied a lot on all the learnings to keep my emotions in check and just deliver the message, however hard it was. After the delivery, I thought a lot about the coach, projecting and leaning on what he would be telling me in that situation. It was precious!
Executive from SITA 

Due to his long experience in business, my coach was able to understand quickly the issues I was dealing with at work. His strong emotional intelligence and “no bullshit” approach, helped me to make some important decisions in my life and address certain topics in my life differently.
Executive from Nespresso 

This coaching exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy with the result. It was helping me to understand a few things about my way of working and brought me ways to change.
Executive from Private Bank

It was an incredible experience, making me work on the way I was looking at my role compared to what was required to perform.
Executive from BD

This coaching was very helpful and helped me to better anticipate some decisions, to manage more efficiency my department, to have global view of picture (going less to details) and to organize better my work-life balance.
Executive from Private Bank

Developing Talent’s executive coaching is not just developing future leaders for businesses but also making the world and communities a better place by developing individuals both personally and professionally. I am sincerely grateful to Developing Talent for providing me a great executive coach in Mr. Reiner Lomb.
Executive from Anthem

My coach was a talented coach with a true business understanding. We had insightful conversations during the coaching which helped me to further develop my skills and interactions.
Executive from Jaeger-LeCoultre

In 6 sessions we were able to completely change my approach to my new role. It definitely allowed me to be more impactful!
Executive from BD

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