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Helping you to develop authentic leaders

More than ever, companies need authentic leaders that give their best and unleash their full potential, whether this is in face to face or in virtual situations. One of the fastest and most performant way to assist them in developing their leadership style is through executive coaching with professionals that have the business background, the coaching experience and the tools to quickly pinpoint what is needed, what is at stake and how to make an impact.

This is why we specialize in hand-picking the best coaches on the market. They have a large scope of experiences and specialties and we take them through a thorough evaluation process before proposing them to you.

Coaching interventions are typically triggered for leaders who:

Transition into new roles

and responsibilities (new level, local to global, function to business, new into top team)

Are required to up their game

in leading people and culture change, as well as and business transitions.

Want to develop a certain skillset

or a suite of new behaviors

Have been identified for top talent

pools and to receive dedicated development.

Want to increase their impact

(executive presence, media, large group communication).

Have been identified by assessments

as needing further development, or have received partially unsatisfactory performance reviews.

What you can expect

“As your business partner in leadership development, we work closely with you to define what you need in order to guarantee the highest level of service for the long term. Here is what our clients say we do best:”


Highly qualified coaches

Our pool of 100+ hand-picked coaches worldwide is selected according to strict criteria that exceed by far standard certification requirements.

Face to face interventions

We particularly value in-person coaching sessions. That's why we have a pool of executive coaches that can take on interventions worldwide.

Organizational Learning

When we see themes emerge from numerous coaching interventions, we offer the possibility to transfer and leverage the organizational learning.

Full Support

As your trusted Leadership Development partner, we define together the level of support that you need in the coaching process.

Transparent packages & prices

All of our coaches operate under the same fee structure. Our packages are clear and our prices are transparent.

Personalized Reporting

To help you stay on track with progress, cost and coaching sessions, we provide reporting tailored to your needs.

100% satisfaction

Thanks to our strict vetting process, our client have been fully satisfied with all the executive coaches we've provided since 2011.

“It has been our strategy to develop a culture of coaching in SITA for a few years. The problem we had was that coaching was happening in different parts of the organization without any co-ordination or measurement of the cost/benefit. We worked with Developing Talent to define the approach that was suitable for our geographical dispersion and needs. Today if we need a coach in India or Brazil, Developing Talent will source the best coaches according to their selective standards and we are in a position to kick of a coaching experience in a matter of a few weeks. This partnership is invaluable for us and we would not have been able to do as much without Development Talent services.”

Xila Bogado
Senior Director Talent & Organization Capability

Our 6-Step Process

How it works

Need Identification

In a face-to-face or phone meeting, we define the coaching needs of your executive and the best coaching profile to address his/her challenges.

Coach Selection

Two executive coaches from our pool that best fit the description are identified and their profiles are presented to you.

Chemistry Meeting

Your executive then gets to choose his/her coach after having a chemistry meeting with both coaches.

Coaching Recommendation

Based on the chemistry meeting, the chosen coach makes a recommendation on the type of package, psychometric tools and/or 360° assessment required.

Coaching Sessions

All coaching begins and end with a session with the coachee, his/her manager and the HR sponsor. Coaching sessions can take place face to face or remotely.


We provide a monthly report to enable you to keep track of the progress of all ongoing coaching assignments.

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