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Presenting with Impact FF

 Programme summary 

Highly experiential training in which you will be coached on the spot to live up to the impact you intend to create.
A result oriented, playful and proven approach by a senior facilitator.

  • Via many small dedicated presentations you will get more and more at ease being in the spotlight and exercising your influence online or f2f
  • An interactive virtual (or blended) classroom in which you give and get feedback, while being aware of your presence all the time


  • Optimizing your appearance via effective use of body-language and voice
  • Creating powerful, engaging and interactive build-ups
  • Establishing a personal and business connection with your audience
  • Developing your personal style by exploiting your qualities 


Team leaders, professionals and others who would like to strengthen their first impression and exercise their influence within presentations 

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to

  •  Deliver a lively, interactive and result oriented presentation.
  • Connect to their audiences needs and involve them actively.
  • Create ease in front of audiences and restore themselves after difficulties.
  • Handle the communication technology of their choice with ease.
  • Influence the dynamics within the audience in a constructive way.
  • Show attractive slides to enhance the involvement 


  • Duration: 5 sessions of 2 hours each + 1 hour of preparation between each session
    Or 3 virtual sessions of 2 hours each and 1 day face to face
  • Languages: EN, NL