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Presenting with Impact RK

 Programme summary 

Look, act and sound like a leader, with instant likeability and credibility – remaining calm when presenting, using charisma and presence to focus on impact – instead of perfection. Find an authentic, credible and compelling personal presentation style to become more audience-focused, message driven and action-oriented using the LeaderLike You! approach, archetypes and micro-behaviors. Discover current communication style and how others may perceive certain behaviors.

The course is built around trainer and colleague’s input.

Day 1: Introductions, benchmarks (filmed), the communication model, remaining calm under pressure, removing a layer of potential conflict from relationships, energy & reciprocity, gestures, rapport techniques, handling difficult questions, improvisation exercises (filmed).

Day 2: questions, comments, discoveries from, using gravitas to present concisely and with precision using 4Mat & Presentation Diamond, and the KAV charisma pattern to connect to all audiences. Moving audiences through a visual, (filmed), action plans and learning logs.

Follow-up coaching can be added 6-8 weeks after session for feedback on presentations, as well as rehearsal of future presentations to obtain new skills and reinforce learnings.


Any employee who wants to improve their presentation skills. Maximum number of participants is 6 per session due to its intensive nature.

 Learning outcomes 

The take-aways are: make positive first impressions using rapport techniques; setting the tone for successful relationships; understanding perception and discovering the powerful influence of nonverbal communication, using dynamic and persuasive presenting techniques to build rapport and communicate “instant credibility” while developing an informal, fluent and relaxed style; become aware of the non-verbal signals others are sending in order to adapt style and message; maximize personal power to influence decisions/agendas by managing your own state, and guiding the audience’s state; and fielding Q&A with confidence while managing the energy in the room.


  • Duration: 2 days + optional 1:1 coaching sessions or group follow up (F2f & Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR, ES, DE