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Negotiate with success – tools and mindset for lasting agreements

 Programme summary 

Do you want to learn specific skills and attitudes to improve your professional relationships?
Do you want to increase your own negotiation capacities, enabling you to be more efficient and achieve better results?
Do you want to build lasting partnerships and be recognised as a respected negotiator?

Program outline

The strength of this approach (Solution focused negotiation) comes from its simplicity and proven efficiency. Highly practical, it helps you see negotiation more as a puzzle than a chess game for better results. The negotiation process is broken down into specific manageable units, each being a separate technical module with its own tools and techniques. Highly interactive and practical, case studies are based on real situations: participants work in groups and then role-play in simulated negotiations. The group then analyzes its performance and is debriefed by the expert on the outcome, increasing understanding, retention and efficient usage. Participants will also work on their own negotiation situations to enable better contextual analysis.


Managers and team leaders, project managers, sales and procurement specialists. Anyone involved in negotiating contracts, agreements and partnerships or in setting up collaborations. Agile teams.

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the seminar, the participants will:

  • Recognize the characteristics and consequences of various styles of interactions;
  • Understand how to build relationships based on interest and opportunity;
  • Get an overview of the entire negotiation process and understand each step;
  • Acquire the objectivity and competence necessary to prepare and lead negotiations;
  • Master tools that are directly usable in daily life;
  • Learn how to use effective questioning and listening techniques, verbal and non-verbal;
  • Understand how to build and make an offer, and reach an agreement.


  • Duration: 3 days (3+1) (F2F), 3 days (3+1) (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR