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Manager Coach: a leader for the future

 Programme summary 

Based on theory, team sharing, group reflexion, individual work, exercises and role plays, the objective of this course is for you to have a personal and group reflexion on your managerial role, discover your style and adopt the posture of a manager coach to better accompany and develop your team members.


The participants in this programme must be in a people management position.

 Learning outcomes 

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of your management style.
  • Understand the changes happening in the world today and how to adapt your leadership to a new paradigm.
  • Adopt a role and posture of Manager as Coach for your team.
  • Learn coaching mindset, posture, tools and techniques to apply them to management and leadership.
  • Develop your ability to adapt your accompaniment to each of your team members to increase the impact of your people management on motivation, engagement, individual and team performance as well as on business results.
  • Learn how to build a trusting and efficient relationship with your team members.
  • Learn how to take care of yourself in a pressuring environment.
  • Build an action plan to work on the development of your leadership and coaching posture.


  • Duration: 3 days (F2F), 5 times 2hrs sessions (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR