Conflict prevention or management RK

 Programme summary 

People often put off, or simply avoid holding challenging conversations addressing behaviours or results. Consequently, conflicts develop, and messages are either protracted or simply poorly delivered – if at all. The workshop provides participants with the skills and abilities to hold deep, meaningful conversations preventing and managing conflicts based on the principles of Non-Violent Communication as a guiding principle (though not its centrepiece). This program has run at inter-national organizations, multinational companies with success and application. Participants learn the IFINDTM approach in the session and are able to apply it to challenging and conflictual conversations.

What will be covered:

  • Stating the problem as the starting point
  • Win/lose versus win/win
  • Adder of inference
  • Facts versus fiction
  • Reviewing the initial problem; (cleaning up blame, attacks, minimizations, aggrandizements, exaggerations, assessments, interpretations)
  • Stating our intent in a positive manner
  • Conveying impact on business and organizational systems
  • Sharing feelings and listening for others’ feelings through empathy
  • Describing needs and making specific, measurable and time-based requests.


Applicable to all levels of the Organisation. Participants need to have a real, workable case for the session. Suitable for groups up to 10/12 participants.

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the session participants know how to:

  • Create fact-based, benefit-benefit strategies
  • Understand the difference between factual information and what people call ‘facts;
  • Describe feelings without sounding esoteric
  • Express what is needed and understand others’ needs– without using the word “need”
  • Convey and enable two-way dialogue with empathy and understanding
  • Make impactful requests that have greater chances to land in the commitment and follow through
  • Mitigate/ reduce conflicts.


  • Duration: 1 day + optional 1:1 coaching sessions or group follow up
  • Languages: EN, FR, ES, DE