Developing Talent Leadership Change Management

Change management RK

 Programme summary 

This course helps lead self and others through the constant varied changes we all face. The course is designed not to focus on the change itself, rather the transitional and psychological shifts that are about the people concerned by the change and the challenges which arise.

This program helps people understand who they need to be because change and transition. Understanding and leading people through change and the different ways people respond to organizational change; what they require to accept, support and sustainably manage change and the strengths and weaknesses they may bring to the current organizational environment, are key elements of this training. Often, it is the employees who are identified as the primary reason why organizational change programs do not achieve the desired outcome.

The course provides tools to guarantee successful change.


Leaders, managers and individual contributors who need to drive and/or live change.

 Learning outcomes 

  • Participants understand the difference between “change” and “transition;”
  • Review recent changes and transitions in their own lives
  • Learn how to deal with change personally and understand what triggers resistance to change in the brain
  • Debriefing the Change Style Indicator to map self / others and then explore ways to support staff through a change process focusing on 7 key elements
  • Understand the relevance of change and the personal resources we can tap into
  • Be aware of common reactions to change for advantageous change programs
  • Know how to communicate effectively during change
  • How to be aware of change blockers; acknowledge the sources of resistance when communicating to employees
  • Present a compelling vision for change; practice addressing typical justifications for resisting change with employees; use coaching questions to move employees from ‘problem to possibility’ focus
  • Mobilize support in their work groups and within the organization to decrease the negative effects and more quickly identify the benefits of change.


  • Duration: 1 day (F2F) or 2 half-days (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR, ES, DE