Working virtually

 Programme summary 

 The training is made of pre-work, readings, presentation, group discussions and exercises. 

Working as a member of a virtual team can be challenging – especially if the team is working across the barriers of culture, language, time zones and technology. Even the simplest of intra-team tasks can take on a new dimension and level of complexity. Members of virtual teams almost need tore-learn what it means to work as a team-player, and they need support to help them learn to cope with, and thrive, In this ‘new normal’. This module explores the three key areas which virtual team members should focus on: Interacting effectively with other virtual team members; Working with the virtual team leader; and Managing yourself and your career. 


The participants in this programme are managers, leaders, senior leaders, individual contributors, etc. 

 Learning outcomes 

 At the end of the training, the participants will be able to: 

  • Focus on ensuring that they are working towards maximum intra-team effectiveness. 
  • Understand the key areas which need to be actively addressed to overcome the challenges of virtual team-working. 
  • Build intra-team trust and foster good relationships with other team members. 
  • Understand the virtual team leader’s expectations and strive to meet them. 
  • Develop a close and mutually supportive relationship with the leader. 
  • Ensure visibility within the team and in the eyes of the leader so that career prospects can be maintained. 


  • Duration: 1 half-day (F2F), 1 half-day (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR