Developing Talent Leadership Development Stress and Resiliance

Stress and resilience RK

 Programme summary 

This course begins by discussing the different types of stress and what resilience is. Once stress types, levels, and catalysts have been identified, positive coping strategies are developed for resilience and agility:

  1. Challenge – seeing difficulties as challenges and failures as lessons,
  2. Commitment to objectives and goals, causes relationships and beliefs and
  3. Personal control with energy focussed on the areas we have impact on. Understanding how and why stress differs amongst people and what to do when faced with it yourself or from a colleague / boss. Several relaxation techniques are taught and practiced as part of this program, helping the body respond better to negative situations and stress.


Any employee. Maximum number of participants is 10-12.

 Learning outcomes 

How to assess stress level and create a resilience plan; know how to map the stress; saying no, setting limits and say what is possible; personality scales to discern stress and eustress; meditative breathing techniques to reduce stress; type A and Type B personalities and how to distinguish between them as well as know the stress drives in each, what to do to cope and become more resilient; learn how thoughts, moods, behaviors are linked; knowing the difference between positive and negative stress and creating robust action plans for dealing with stress. Mapping out the three-part resilience strategy on challenge, commitment and control.


  • Duration: 1 day (F2F), 2 half-days (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR, ES, DE