Developing Talent Leadership Development Self-confidence


 Programme summary 

The training is made of 3 days face to face training or 10 remote sessions of 1.5 hours each on a weekly basis. The face to face training requires a pre-work of about 1-2 hours. The virtual version requires a task of about 1 hour after each session.

After having gained cognitive understanding of the aspects of the inner critic, participants inquire their personal version of these aspects in break out groups of 2 or 3. This allows quite a personal impact. The peers support the understanding and the liberation steps. After each inquiry there will be room for questions, comments and personal requests.


The participants in this programme are of any hierarchy level and function. Their common denominator is a critical voice inside, that blocks them to show up with their potential and competence, e.g. when holding a presentation, when talking to others higher in the hierarchy, when not applying for a more challenging job, etc.

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to manage their inner critic, to get their strengths and qualities to be seen, to have inner peace by freedom of self-criticism, comparisons, shame, bad consciousness, unhealthy self-exploitation and more inappropriate self-judging styles.
They will be able to speak up and show up in a natural way and perform much better.


  • Duration: 3 days (F2F) or 10 sessions of 1.5 hours (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, DE