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How to better collaborate with different/ difficult personalities

 Programme summary 

You are spending a lot of time and energy attempting to collaborate, convince and motivate your coworkers. You have to manage conflicts. Sometimes you might feel at a loss, not understanding the behaviors and reactions of your counterpart. You realize you are not being effective, but not sure what else to do.

How can you be more effective? How can you better understand why the other person seems difficult? How can you dissolve the struggle, avoid misunderstanding and collaborate better?

This seminar will give you some tools (based on the Jungian typology) to understand the different types of personalities and better accept the other in his/her differences. It will enable you to de-escalate situations and better manage difficult interpersonal situations.

Program outline

  • Understanding your own personality and preferences, as well as those of the others
  • Recognize and better understand behaviors from “difficult” personalities (who might just be your opposite…)
  • Learn how to adapt your own style of communication and management to achieve more constructive relationships


This workshop is perfect for those who want to expand their range of working with people who they find challenging.

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of this seminar, participants will:

  • Have practiced powerful communication tools and techniques
  • Better understand their own communication style and their own impact
  • Be able to analyze the difficult interactions they are experiencing and deploy concrete actions to improve them
  • Have a typography map and a clear course of action steps for a few key challenging situations


  • Duration: 2 days (F2F), 4 half-days or 2 days (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR