Facilitate virtual meetings SA

 Programme summary 

The training includes pre-work, readings, presentation, group discussion and interactive exercises.

Develop the dynamics and collaboration of your virtual team while avoiding the classic pitfalls. Globalization and mobility have made virtual work a new reality in our organizations. The challenges and potential pitfalls of virtually managing a team are the same as managing an in-house team yet the distance increases the complexity and the risk of misunderstandings. This training will explore how to launch a virtual session, establish winning conditions, communicate clear objectives, and practice efficient meeting processes while dealing with potential difficulties.


The participants in this programme are managers, team leaders and project managers. 

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and develop the required competencies to effectively manage a virtual team.
  • Discover tools to prepare and facilitate a meeting to increase their efficiency.
  • Manage the agenda items, based on the objectives to be achieved.
  • Discover effective tips to manage productivity and atmosphere problems at meeting.


  • Duration: 1 half-day (F2F), 1 half-day (Remote
  • Languages: EN, FR