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 Cultural Awareness RK

 Programme summary 

When working across different cultures, it is critical to understand our unwritten “rules” and the cultural expectations of others as well as their “written” rules / expectations. If we don’t, misunderstandings and mistakes can happen. These can be harmless, or in some cases, damaging. This is a practical, interactive session to help identify possible barriers when working remotely and when dealing with cultural differences. The session leads to mitigating solutions and strategies.

What will be covered:

  • What is culture
  • how personality and context matter; ladder of inference
  • the cultural wheel: collectivism self or group orientation; dealing with time and space at the office
  • context when communicating
  • power distance
  • rules versus relationships
  • emotional expressiveness
  • concept of face
  • how cultures run meetings and give information, application and development plans.


Applicable to all levels of the Organisation, for intact or separate teams.

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the session participants:

  • Create an awareness of differences between cultures – recognition and management of them
  • Feel positive about working together remotely
  • Overcome personal, limiting beliefs that may have stopped us from working confidently and effectively with others
  • Become equipped and gain confidence for leading cross-cultural teams and enjoy working together to construct a cross-cultural wheel of lenses through which we can see the world
  • How to work together as remote, multicultural teams and create individual action plans on behaviours needed to work effectively together


  • Duration: 1 day + optional 1:1 coaching sessions or group follow up
  • Languages: EN, FR, ES, DE