Developing Talent Leadership Development Coaching Techniques

Advanced Coaching Techniques

 Programme summary 

In this course, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the philosophical, historical and ethical foundations of coaching. They will explore similarities and differences between coaching and related disciplines, examine coaching skills, operating assumptions and practices, as well as consider the scope of coaching’s potential. Participants will be brought together, either virtually or in person, in order to understand the importance of developing trust and rapport required for effective coaching.


Participants in this program are typically manager, senior leaders and individual who have an interest in developing their coaching skill set within their current organizational context. Equally, the program is suitable for those individuals who are considering professional coaching as a vocation.

 Learning outcomes 

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key tenets of coaching practice
  • Distinguish among coaching and related interventions
  • Identify, explain and demonstrate critical coaching skills, which are informed by the ICF Core Competencies
  • Describe the philosophical, historical, and ethical foundations and precursors that influence and inform coaching, including relevant models which could be employed directly or indirectly to coaching conversations


  • Duration: 1 day (F2F) or 2 half-days (Remote)
  • Languages: EN, FR