Virtual services

Supporting you to switch to a virtual world

Managing virtual teams was already a reality before the Covid crisis, but in the middle of the global crisis it has become an essential skill and it will remain one going forward.

The world has suddenly become more VUCA than ever and this requires exceptional leadership qualities, resilience and flexibility.

We support you and your teams in the following areas:

Equip your leaders to become better online leaders who can create trust and closeness in their teams.

Offer team coaching services, with our team coaches who have specialised in virtual interventions, and help your teams reach high performance in a virtual world.

Help you transfer face to face conferences to highly interactive virtual conferences, ensuring your participants stay present and engaged.

Produce your conferences and meetings (handle the technology) so that your leaders can focus on their expertise and their audience.

Programme Example 1

Leading remote teams in times of crisis

With the Covid crisis, one of our clients needed support to equip a group of 150 senior leaders (VP level) with skills to lead their teams remotely.

The request

They asked us to help them train their seniors executives on three specific skills:

  • Leading virtual teams, considering that many employees work from home
  • Building psychological safety within teams; a climate where team members can share fears and concerns, and where peer support exists
  • A focus on self-management which is the cornerstone of effective leadership. When a leader is in good shape, mentally and physically, (s)he is more available for her/his team and better able to get the job done

The Programme

A programme run in a virtual classroom consisting of:

  • A short intake survey
  • 1 kick-off session
  • A core programme of 3 live online sessions of 2 hours each
  • A menu of 4 optional sessions of 2 hours each
  • Peer coaching groups
  • Executive coaching sessions to deepen the learnings

Here are some examples of themes addressed in the sessions:

  • Virtual meetings 101
  • Self-management & resilience
  • Trust & psychological safety
  • Coaching my team members remotely
  • Cross cultural dynamics in remote teams
  • Organizing self at home
  • Difficult conversations over distance

The outcome

Upon completion of this programme, participants will:

  • Be familiar with key aspects of leading remotely
  • Have a higher level of self-awareness as remote leaders
  • Have improved skills in developing trustful relationships across distance and through technology
  • Be better able to manage themselves and their teams in a period of crisis
  • Know what it takes to manage and coach team members who are forced to work from home, sometimes in difficult circumstances
  • See remote leadership as a positive and effective way of getting the job done

Programme Example 2

Online conference support

One of our clients asked to shift a large company event they had planned to an online setting.

The request

Developing Talent was asked to turn a physical event with 35 delegates located in different time zones into an on-line event using different support technologies.

The Programme

A four-phase program to prepare the on-line event, to produce and deliver the event in close collaboration with the client:

  • Support in the re-design of the conference
  • Training of the HR team
  • Co-facilitation of the conference
  • Event production support (prepare and manage technology)

The Outcome

Successful transfer of an international event to a dynamic and interactive on-line event.

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