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Introduction to coaching tools and methods PA

 Programme summary 

The training is made of:

  • 4 x half day remote modules outlining the key coaching models used in business (or can be delivered as 2 days F2F)
  • Participants will be required to read a short research related article as pre reading or a youtube clip to watch prior to attending each module
  • Each person will have the opportunity to practice their coaching skills in small groups and receive feedback


The participants on this programme can be groups of senior leaders or managers across the organization.

The sessions will be interactive and there will be ample opportunity to work in small breakout groups to discuss and explore each of the topics covered

 Learning outcomes 

At the end of the training, the participants will have:

  • Practised using the core coaching models used by leaders and managers in business – GROW, OSKAR, Cognitive behavioural coaching, Solution focused
  • Practised coaching skills in small breakout groups and received feedback from an experienced Coaching Psychologist
  • Identified when coaching is the best approach to use and when other leadership approaches may be more effective
  • Delivered constructive feedback using a coaching approach


  • Duration: 2 days (F2F), 4 half-days (Remote)
  • Languages: EN