Our services

DevelopingTalent is a global executive coaching provider based in Switzerland, providing an easy-to-use, high quality response to managing companies’ coaching needs from A to Z. We act as an interface between large companies and a pool of top executive coaches, enabling our clients to access the best players in the market via a single point of contact.

We partner with our clients to develop their best practices in executive coaching. We find the best coaches and manage the matching process between executives and coaches. We enable clients to really manage coaching and the value it adds through our unique online information management and reporting system.

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    1- Selecting coaches

    Our pool of coaches We identify and select qualified and experienced coaches against strictest quality criteria. We interview each coach, identify what they do best, check their references and get to understand their coaching approach. You can trust that the coaches we propose are excellent at what they do, exceed typical certification requirements and subscribe to […]

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    2- Matching Coaches

    Matching the right coach to your executive is the key for the success of the assignment. DevelopingTalent defines with you the best process, and the roles of all relevant parties, from HR to the manager. You can choose to select two coaches from our pool, or we can make that choice for you, based on our […]

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    3- Managing Assignments

    We help you manage all the coaching assignments in your company, or we manage them for you. You have more time to concentrate on more value-adding tasks and strategic reflection – instead of trying to find out where each coaching stands, who purchased what, what worked and what didn’t. Reporting Reports on costs, coaching sessions, progress […]

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    4- Coaching Best Practices

    We advise companies in setting up, reviewing and improving coaching policies and processes, to encourage the effective use of coaching as a powerful talent development tool.  We organise client round tables to share ideas and best practices around coaching (executive coaching, internal coaching, manager-coach, HR-coach) in companies. We help people to connect and to learn […]

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