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In addition to being excellent at executive coaching and leadership interventions, most of our coaches have a silver bullet: an innovative method that your leaders might not have seen or that fulfill a specific need.

If you are looking for something different to integrate into a training program or a workshop, please let us know. We can help you to select what would best fit your needs from our specialty intervention catalogue. Most interventions can also happen remotely.


Leaders, organizations and teams need to go further than ever. Trust and courage are key. We help organizations to go further than ever believed would be possible.

Based in Chamonix, we know from experience that an outstanding environment brings extraordinary energy into people. We do not work in traditional congress centers, but in the most inspiring place you can imagine: nature.

Richard is alpine coach/facilitator. As a Himalayan veteran and expedition leader (expeditions to several Himalayan peaks, among them Mt Everest), he knows what is needed to explore, experience and transfer to daily practice. To really unlock your potential. His mottos: “if you can’t lead yourself, how can you lead others? “and “If you think you are finished and done, you still have 40%. Let’s find it and use it”.


The Annesci Quartet is a classical quartet composed of 4 musicians who have worked together for more than 20 years, indeed more than any corporate team can claim.

Through a musical metaphor, they bring their experience to corporations in a highly interactive show that invites participants to reflect on their own practice. The red thread of their show is the journey they went through, from being 4 professional musicians playing on their own to becoming a high-performance music team. Then, participants are invited to conduct the Quartet!

This is a deep personal experience for the new conductor, and a great sharing moment for the other participants who may discover their colleague under a completely new light.



Leaders inspire people; people motivate themselves. Leadership is a performing art and requires the ability to inspire the performance, potential and well-being in others. Kevin Asbjörnson integrates the disciplines and practices of performing artists and leaders while interacting with leaders placed around him and a Yamaha® Grand Piano — in a compelling ‘performance in the round’ experience.

The Artistry of Leadership – Creating Meaningful Connections® produces high-impact, sustained learning and brings a unique dimension to your leadership meetings and workshops.

Click here to preview a short video of contemporary pianist and international composer, Kevin Asbjörnson, and his leadership audiences.


We all interact, collaborate and lead across functions, professions, generations and gender. The question of how to be marry authenticity with effectiveness when communicating with people very different from ourselves is paramount. We cannot afford to alienate, antagonise or put people off albeit inadvertently and we all want and need to bring our “best self” forward.

“Best Self” coaching helps leaders find their “sweet spot” at the intersection of values, aptitudes, strengths and passion. Self-management and leadership strategies are developed from there, maximising core qualities whilst steering clear of the pitfalls lying in wait for those who overuse their strengths.

Morag is our “Best Self” coach. Through self-discovery exercises, guided reflection, Best Self games and feedback she will help discover and refine the best self “hiding in plain sight” in all of us.

Developing Talent Specialty Interventions Best Coaching


In this complex world it is more than ever vital to use intuitive intelligence in addition to our rational mind in order to solve issues, obtain inspiration, take better decisions and develop deep and genius and authentic communication.

Coaching with intuition or training how to use your intuition is a good way to enhance your vision and communication with inspirational and conscient leadership.

David is our intuition specialist. He trains and coaches leaders, executives and senior executives since 15 years with a very pragmatic way to understand how to connect our inner wisdom.


Our bodies are conditioned to meet conflict from a fight/flight/freeze reactivity.  We are psychologically set up to see conflict as a zero-sum gain resulting in a win/lose outcome.

With an exploration of a conscious embodiment of new perspectives, conflict can be met with curiosity, connection and creativity.  From here, conflict can be recognized as an opportunity for development, increased understanding and an enhancement of the relationship.

Patrick, a sixth Dan aikido master, offers a unique approach based on the perspective of resolving conflict from a systemic and integral perspective incorporating all of the levels and areas that are experienced for the individual and the team.


Interest in how an organisational culture impacts business success and reputation is on the rise. Employee engagement is only one byproduct of culture; the overall effectiveness and fitness for purpose to deliver strategy is more critical.

We identify the subliminal mix of unspoken behaviours, mindsets and assumptions that create and sustain the status quo.  We do this by focusing on three direct channels influencing culture:

Behaviors – the habits and actions of individuals and teams
Symbols – the meaning given to how time or resources are used or not used
Systems – the processes and procedures that are used

Martin has worked with leadership and organisational development teams to manage culture for 15 years in global organisations. When culture is focused on purposefully, it unleashes potential.


Learn to dine with grace, ease and confidence. Whether you are entertaining clients, or pitching new business opportunities, this session will help you build relationships and make a positive impression to achieve your goals.

Session Highlights Include: Body Language and First Impressions, Effective Business Meal Tactics, Host and Guest Duties, Silverware Savvy, Seating Protocol, Styles of Eating, Toasting, The Silent Service Code, and Dining Dos and Don’ts

Lena, our business etiquette expert, helps teams project poise, confidence and professionalism. Recognized globally, she has been featured in a variety of media outlets including Forbes, TIME, and USA Today.

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Evidence continues to demonstrate that companies with a more diverse workforce perform better and achieve competitive advantage. The knowledge and skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse organization and interconnected world are substantial.

Today’s successful workplace is one that allows employees of all different backgrounds with unique individual perspectives to contribute fully, achieve professional growth and deliver exceptional results.

Patricia is our diversity and inclusion (D&I) expert. By means of self-assessments, case studies, and proven hands-on activities, she helps leaders develop competencies and acquire tools to create an environment fueled by engagement and innovation.


We need to be smarter at navigating the unknown, staying calm and connecting and engaging with others. Agility and openness are key. Somatic coaching is about how you ‘show up’ as a Leader, sometimes referred to as embodied leadership.

Leadership is an inner game and our bodies reflect who we are, how comfortable we feel in our own skin. Our moods and emotions directly impact our capacity to take action.Through exercises you’ll discover what is happening through your body – what you are practicing as you lead.

Our Somatic coach is Dawn. She works with leaders and teams to develop new practices, enabling them to be the leaders they want to be building credibility, consistency and resilience to navigate organisational uncertainties.

Developing Talent Specialty-interventions Embodied Leadership
Developing Talent Specialty Interventions Collaboration Emotional Journey


This is deeply transformative work that helps eradicate physical and emotional “dis-ease” by getting to the root cause of conditions. Outcomes are increased health and well-being, and a greater capacity to use one’s wisdom and potential, allowing life to be fully lived.

Journey work uncovers then releases old “cell memories”, which can cause illness, unhelpful behaviour patterns, and deep-seated emotional issues. Journey work accesses and transforms limiting beliefs, enabling greater emotional and psychological health.

Emma qualified as a Journey Practitioner in 2011. If interested, contact her at .


The responsibility for one’s professional and personal development lies increasingly with the individual. However, she/he sometimes needs help.

An executive assessment will reveal and measure the skills, abilities, personality traits, derailers and values of an individual. It will highlight strengths and development areas. It will help with self-awareness, personal development and career planning.

We combine psychometrics, 360° feedback, on-line role plays and structured interviews to provide data on the individual. We provide assessment expertise to analyse and write-up the results, as well as coaching competencies to debrief with the individual and create an on-going development plan.


Everything goes faster and faster, complexity is everywhere, and it is more important than ever for leaders to develop their Self-Leadership.

Focusing is a psycho-somatic process developed by psychotherapist and philosoph Eugene Gendlin. It is a technique that helps us calm down our inner world, develop self-compassion, empathy, somatic awareness and access our deeper wisdom. Focusing can, among other things, be used to become clear on what one feels or wants, to obtain new insights about one’s situation, and to stimulate change or healing of a situation. From a stronger and more aligned Inner Leader, we become better leaders of others.

Stéphanie is a certified Focusing trainer. She facilitates group or individual Focusing training sessions, or uses focusing in coaching.


One of the greatest challenges facing organisations in today’s rapidly changing business world: creating and maintaining an environment that cultivates collaboration and supports employees. This program introduces the guiding principles of improvisation: trust, agreement, connection, collaboration, flexibility, accepting offers and communicating respect.

The result is greater awareness and adaptability for individuals and teams, particularly valuable in turbulent, unpredictable environments where preserving the relationship and achieving your desired outcome are of tantamount importance.

With 30+ years’ experience Amy uses her expertise and energetic style to help you get the results you want!

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With responsibility come decision making and accountability.  Does the leadership role imply being in control or can we find a way to encourage collaboration and a shared sense of stakeholder-ship? And fully embrace our responsibility for the role we are in?

Moving from an impulse to control the environment to a conscious framing of the context and an invitation to all of the participants to share their perspective, leadership can be a collaborative experience where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Patrick, a sixth Dan aikido master, opens new perspectives using embodiment, discussion and contemplative exercises to encourage the discovery of a new kind of leadership, the Collaborative Facilitator.


The world has suddenly become more VUCA than ever and this requires exceptional resilience, flexibility and other leadership qualities.

Our research shows that the remote leader needs a different skillset than the leader operating in one location. The competencies of the remote leader include:

  1. Selecting the right technology for the task and using it smartly
  2. Facilitating engaging and interactive virtual meetings
  3. Building & mending relationships over distance
  4. Creating trust and defusing destructive conflict
  5. Managing performance remotely
  6. Cross-cultural skills

Click here for the full program.


The inner voice of our super ego is the key entity in our personality structure for causing self-doubt, comparison, shame and insecurity. When giving a speech, attending an assessment center or when getting attention of important others, it causes nervousness and might ruin the performance. Its original purpose is to protect us but in our grown-up life it is actually limiting our potential and life quality.

Only by working with it explicitly, we can understand its influence and stop its attacks and domination.

Cornelia is our personality coach, who has developed a structured approach for this inner work and supports people in business, sports professionals and private persons in this liberating step.


Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor), usually from the same company, assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. Sharing of experience by the mentee, as well as advice, helps the mentee in new situations. Programs targeted for female leaders will often include mentoring.

A number of our coaches have helped large organisations set up mentoring programs; this includes preparing the overall organisation to mentoring, structuring the program, helping establish criteria for mentor selection, and designing and deploying mentors and mentees training.

Developing Talent Leadership Development-specialty Interventions Mentoring


Masters of martial arts have long known the virtues of meditation, a practice that involves much more than “sitting and doing nothing”. The art of meditation can be brought into today’s corporate world, allowing overstressed managers to experience calm and a clear mind, both essential ingredients of efficient decision-making.

Age-old meditation techniques, adapted to today’s world, taught and practiced individually or in a group setting, instill a regular personal discipline that can be used in any circumstance.

Rony has used his extensive experience in a diverse set of meditation practices to create a technique particularly adapted to the corporate environment.


Calling our programs Parental Leave, and not Maternity Leave, was a conscious decision. We recognise that Mothers expecting a child with their Male partner are the majority of cases. Yet there are a multitude of variations where parents will welcome a new child, or children, in their lives. We believe there are enough similarities throughout these situations to warrant a common approach. We also know that each situation is different, and this is why we offer individual coaching on top of shared programs when needed.

Our Back to Business Programs will enable you to manage your employees’ parental leave with structure and support so you will retain your high-quality talent and substantially save on recruitment and training costs.

Our consultant, Robyn, PhD, is a psychologist and postpartum coach who specializes in helping parents and leaders navigate the transition to new parenthood.

Developing Talent Specialty-interventions Partner Mindset Training Coaching


How we say what we say is currency that’s used to negotiate power in all relationships. Today’s fast changing world needs skills to quickly establish trust and respect in each interaction, equalising personal power where both parties feel valued and respected.

Predator Prey PartnerTM training and coaching teaches you to be a dynamic, honest and effective communicator, developing your ability to influence others by creating powerful partnerships.

Amy is a communication expert, coach, speaker (& recovering predator) specialising in positive influence, leadership and emotional intelligence. Her interactive training gives you instant life changing skills to get the results you want.


When a relationship between parties is tense or conflictual, and dialogue is no longer possible, professional mediation offers a safe and confidential framework giving the players involved the chance to express their viewpoint, restore dialogue, forge new links, calm the atmosphere and explore possible solutions to end their dispute.

Mediation is a voluntary process. Its aim is to provide the parties with the chance to define the principles of a good working relationship together, thereby enabling them, in future, to acknowledge their uniqueness and respective points of view.

Stéphane has been an executive coach for more than 15 years. He has a strong people-centric approach and is regularly asked to help companies or teams experiencing crisis linked to trust, alignment with executive committees, and open or latent conflicts.


A salesperson’s dream is to get the customer completely fascinated by what he is saying so that his sales story becomes persistent in the customer’s mind also AFTER the sales call. Any sales manager would agree that this is the most powerful way to convince a customer to eventually place an order.

Storytelling is all about being authentic and communicating how your product can help people in real-world scenarios, just by telling a story. Sales storytelling can help salespeople to be customer-centric in their sales calls, moving from brand to solution selling.

Anita and her team drive salespersons to formulate and share their own compelling stories. These one-day workshops will open their eyes on the existing successful story in their sales organization and how they can be multiplied across each sales person to fast forward to reach their quota.


Today’s always-on culture has its toll on mind, body, wellbeing and ultimately performance. Executives are faced with increased challenges in making complex, fast decisions, having to create immediate impact and perform under pressure.

The goal of High Performance coaching is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence on your journey to a successful, healthy, and fully charged life and career.

Silke combines years of experience in high performance coaching, meditation and wellbeing practices to help you reach the next level of performance and wellbeing. Personalized sessions for individuals and teams are intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging, designed to help clients discover deep insights and major breakthroughs.


In a diversity world where so many intricate factors contribute to a complex evaluation of a situation, the systemic Constellations process unveils hidden aspects and helps to determine the best solutions to implement in the context of your organization.

This process helps to understand a situation better and make sound decisions in getting the global picture. This work requires an openness to our intuitive part and opens a space within us to sensible and concrete transformation. The systemic approach can be used in individual coaching as well as in team coaching assignments. We can also organise courses for HR and internal coaches.

Bruno has been a coach and trainer for more than 15 years and a Constellation practitioner for 10 years.


Unconscious bias is a fact of life – all humans, even those with the best of intentions, behave in biased ways without realizing it.

This being said, we can develop ourselves, our teams, and our workforce to understand how to identify this phenomenon, how it can become manifest, how it affects its recipients, and how we can lessen its impact. This is why companies are increasingly investing in training in this area, assisting individuals in converting their implicit assumptions and prejudgments to accurate interpretations to drive better results.

Patricia, our unconscious bias facilitator, provides practical tools and relevant techniques to override bias and rewire the brain to become more inclusive and effective.

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In a world where success relies heavily on communication, it is crucial to have a voice that connects with people and makes them want to listen to you. Your voice is your primary instrument to influence others.

Voice coaching or training helps leaders find their authentic voice and use it in a powerful, confident and expressive way.

Maria is our voice coach. Through practical exercises, recordings and feedback, she will help your leaders discover how to use their body, breath and inner motivation to more efficiently develop their voice.

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