Our resources are a collection of book summaries and articles written by our coaches, as well as links to web sites or books we find interesting. We do pretend to be the origin of this knowledge, and we actively encourage you to buy the books we mention. Above all, we hope these resources will help you in your coaching activities!

Corporate Cultures

September 10, 2015

A nice article from our coach Augusto about Corporate Cultures (Corporate Cultures)


A nice article from our coach Augusto about headhunters (Headhunters)

How to thrive (Ce que tu ne maîtrises pas, te maîtrisera)

July 10, 2014

Our coach Stéphanie talks here (1st part) and here (2nd part) once more about how our limiting beliefs… limit us. Great material for soul searching (in French).

Are you ready?

June 12, 2014

Coaching is about change, and change is difficult. And though our coaching clients would like to change, some of them change faster than others. How come? Our coach Brenda shares her experience and that of other DevelopingTalent coaches in this short and great article.

Le Coaching d’éveil par l’intuition

June 1, 2014

Should we listen to our intuition? But what is intuition? Can we trust it? Our coach David has been exploring intuition and using it in coaching for years. Read here what he has to say about it (in French).


What is our capacity? How do we react when we are overwhelmed? Our coach Dawn helps you think about this.  

Choisir consciemment d’être un leader d’équipe

Did you reflect before accepting to lead a team? Is this really for you? Are you not better in a specialist position? Our coach Geneviève helps you reflect and asks some good questions (in French).

Das erste mal ChefIn

Employees who are promoted face a whole set of new challenges. Rolf tells us more about the 6 challenges that matter. If you are a newly promoted manager, or if you have just promoted one of your subordinates, this is the article to read (auf Deutsch).

Ce que tu ne maîtrises pas, te maîtrisera

Our coach Stéphanie talks here, in the first article of a série, about how our limiting beliefs… limit us. Great material for soul searching (in French).  

Oser le Monde en Soi

April 4, 2013

Oser le Monde en Soi. Il s’agit d’un guide d’autocoaching sur 52 semaines qui accompagne le lecteur à trouver son chemin vers le développement d’un leadership authentique dans les différentes sphères de sa vie. Publié chez Béliveau éditeur (au Québec) il est déjà disponible en ligne sur plusieurs sites en Europe et il sera disponible en librairie en Europe dès novembre 2012.